Thousands of visitors come every year to Santorini to admire the most magical sunset in the world. The island has become a meeting point for romantic souls who have discovered a unique destination.

Others visit Santorini for its great sights, like the archeological area at Akrotiri, which is considered by many historians, lnked to the lost city of Atlantis buried by the sea after a powerful volcano eruption 3500 years ago. Remarkable sights are also the Ancient Thera, the magnificent Cathedrals and the museums.

In Santorini you will live unforgettable experiences since no other island has such a contravention in colors and change in natural landscapes. White houses in the villages built on top of grey and red rocks, black and red beaches and a mysterious volcano. Nothing can prepare you for the unique characteristics of Santorini.

The "Black Pearl of Aegaion" welcomes you to a world of unparallel beauty.